Our Leadership Team

Monty Appavoo

Mohambry, an experienced IT management executive, founded TajEmo in 2010. With over 50 years in technology and information management, ranging from software development, project management and technical business analysis, Mohambry has perfected the art of seamlessly integrating managed application services into enterprise IT operations in order to create tailor-made solutions for clients

Dr Daya Appavoo

Dr. Daya Appavoo is a Family Medical Practitioner as well as an Occupational Medical Practitioner with over 30 years of experience in dedicated patient care. Serving in a variety of executive roles, he is a former director at Gompo Occupational Health Services and a board member and the treasurer of Masimanyane Women and Children Support Centre.

Dr Jayseelan Naidu

Dr. Jayseelan Naidu is a specialist physician based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He enjoys clinical medicine and has a special interest in the use of technology in medicine. He believes that technology has an intricate role to play in the way doctors manage their practices and he hopes to develop a system to assist in treatment of their patients.

Our IT Support Team

Smackcoders Inc. has been providing us with excellent IT and support services for a long time. Their response is always consistent and first-class, and they are always readily available to help us sort out any issues in time. As our company is growing, so has our IT infrastructure. Smackcoders has been instrumental in helping us make our systems robust, secure, responsive, scalable, and secure. We rely on them for help with IT, Technical Support, and Customer Support. We are comfortable and confident that our IT Systems are in Good, Safe, and Secure Hands.

Smackcoders Inc. is a software development company founded in 2011. The company has a team of experienced developers who use the latest technologies and methods to create quality software solutions. The company has successfully completed projects for clients in a variety of industries. Including healthcare, finance, and e-commerce. In addition to development services, Smackcoders also offers ongoing support and maintenance for its software.

Smackcoders is a reliable partner for all of our IT support needs.