About Us

Our Services

TajEmo eHealth Solutions Offers Electronic Medical Record Solutions to Healthcare Providers: Hospitals, University Practices, Large Physician Groups, Medical Billing Companies, Labs, Medical Imaging Services, and Individual & Group Practices.

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Our Core Values

  • Innovation
    • At the very core of everything we do is innovation, without innovation we cannot achieve our mission
  • Quality
    • The highest degree of service excellence, unquestioned quality of work, and fair value for money is testimony to the fact that our client is King.
    • We are dedicated to the highest quality of workmanship.
    • Quality is the uncompromising standard for our actions. This stems from our passion and our pride of being part of the TajEmo community.
    • Quality work, which results from our personal efforts, is the first ingredient for the highest quality product.
  • Responsibility
    • We demand total responsibility from ourselves; as associates, we support the responsibilities of others.
    • We take direct responsibility for results, to exercise initiative and judgment and to make decisions as required.
    • By recruiting ethical people suited to their jobs and trusting them, we demand that associates be accountable for their own high standards.
    • Doctor-patient confidentiality is central at all times.
  • Mutuality
    • A mutual benefit is a shared benefit; a shared benefit will endure.
    • We believe that the standard by which our business relationships should be measured is the degree to which mutual benefits are created. These benefits can take many different forms, and need not be strictly financial in nature. Likewise, while we must try to achieve the most competitive terms, the actions of TajEmo should never be at the expense, economic or otherwise, of others with whom we work.
    • Financially, we always treat our Debtors and Creditors equally.
  • Efficiency
    • We use resources to the full, minimise waste and do only what we can do best.
    • How is it possible to maintain our principles whilst offering superior value for money and sharing our success? Our strength lies in our efficiency coupled with the ability to organise all our assets physical, financial and human to maximise productivity.
    • In this way, our software and services are produced and delivered with the highest quality, at the lowest possible cost, demanding the lowest consumption of resources. Similarly, we seek to manage all our business operations with the most efficient processes for decision making.

Looking Ahead

As a team, TajEmo eHealth Solutions has made the concept of forward thinking a pre-requsite, encouraging all involved to have an opinion, thus making a constructive contribution. We shall always striving for innovation.

Your positive decision to appoint TajEmo as your EMR solution will give you the assurance that your needs are met with the highest level of professionalism.