About eHealth

About TajEmo eHealth

TajEmo eHealth is a clinician focused electronic health record, billing and practice management system, customised for the South African market to include all codes, NAPPI, ICD10 and TARRIF (including modifiers). TajEmo eHealth also handles scripting, dispensing, referrals and many other tasks.

Using a highly customisable forms approach TajEmo eHealth captures clinical data which is stored and used in billing resulting in a seamless integration between clinical and administration within the practice.

TajEmo eHealth not only aims to improve billing workflow, but also clinical workflow by encouraging the sharing of information in the workplace, thus spreading the workload and increasing efficiency. TajEmo eHealth gives practices what they need, without the headaches. An Electronic Medical Records system doesn’t have to be complicated and time-consuming.

Using feedback from clients, we can design powerful yet streamlined features that deliver without disruption.

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