Our Services

Our Services

We have qualified professionals positioned in two continents. TajEmo continues its efforts at making TajEmo eHealth the best EMR solution available. As such, we are in a position where we can offer you the best installation of an EMR available.

Apart from our efforts in enhancing the features of TajEmo eHealth we also provide the following services to anyone who wishes to use TajEmo eHealth. Our goal is to make the process of transition for any provider as easy as possible.



The best and easiest way for any Provider, whether it is a single location or multiple locations, to start on TajEmo eHealth is to sign up for our hosted service, in other words TajEmo eHealth software as a service (SaaS). This way, you can be set up and ready to go in one day. You will access TajEmo eHealth like you access your other hosted applications like Gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc. We maintain the server side hardware, the code, the upgrades, backups etc. You get access to our support with the appropriate plan.


Sometimes Practices, Management Services Organizations (MSO), Governmental agencies, and other such organizations prefer to host TEE Electronic Medical Records (EMR) at their choice of facilities. TajEmo specializes in helping such agencies implement TEE Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in such locations.





TajEmo provides support for any installation of TajEmo eHealth.

TajEmo is available 24/7 to support our costumers. TajEmo is able to do this due to our presence in two separate continents spanning different time zones. So rest assured that you will be able to reach someone at all times.

Our support, training and helpdesk services are provided through the following modes:

TajEmo eHealth customers can choose a support plan or opt for per-incident support.




TajEmo eHealth Custom Programming

The difference between TajEmo eHealth and all the other Electronic Medical Records (EMR) applications hosted or otherwise, is that it is customizable to your requirement.

Whether you host TajEmo eHealth on your site or use our hosted SaaS, if ever you run into the need for customization.

At the risk of repetition, we have a resource pool of professionals who can do any size of work that needs to be done catering to any size of organization.

Data Conversion and Interfaces

Our conversion services, if required; assist you on the data migration between computer systems or from paper records; helping your practice save costs on storage, retention and retrieval of records as well as be compliant to industry guidelines. We convert data from billing software like EMD, Medimass and many other local systems so that you can transition seamlessly to the use of TajEmo eHealth.



Consulting Services

Implementing an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System needs to be planned and executed carefully. Most often expensive EMR/EHR Systems end up forcing you to reengineer your workflow and processes to fit their system.

TajEmo eHealth will help you design a shoe that fits your feet. We will study your needs, workflow, forms, hierarchy so on and so forth and come up with a solution that will be easy to work with. In order to do that we do the following:

  • Study existing systems and workflow.
  • Understand and analyze your documentation.
  • Streamline any of the above if necessary.
  • Design electronic forms that meet your needs.
  • Guide you through the system till you have mastered it.
  • Estimate and budget your hardware investment.


Don’t hesitate to¬†contact us¬†for any further enquiries you may have.