For many years I have been interested in electronic medical records, having heard about it at several AHIP healthcare conferences in the USA.

I looked at other systems including an attempt to develop my own system with the help of a software developer.

I have been using TajEmo eHealth for 10 months and it has been a most enjoyable and exciting change in my practice:

  • With the multi-station network setup all of us at the practice are able to access the system at the same time.
  • Staff adopted the new system with enthusiasm.
  • The appointment functionality is excellent and enables the doctor to see how many patients are in the waiting room.
  • The system quickly enables DR to issue and print prescriptions. Staff are able to print repeat scripts especially for chronic medicines, which the doctor checks and signs. This saves a lot of time.
  • Referrals to specialists can be efficiently and quickly done via the system. Vitals, demographics, diagnosis and ICD10 codes are automatically populate the referral letter. The system prints 2 copies on one page so one copy is kept in the patient’s file.
  • Other functionalities include: HIV form, Injury on Duty form and Wellness forms for certain medical schemes (insurances).
  • The clinical history interface is comprehensive but easy to use; staff capture the vitals and a short history so all this information is available to the doctor when the patient’s file is opened in eHealth.

The system is very cost effective and affordable.

Being web-based:

  • No back up needs to be done by the practice.
  • The system can be accessed from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access.
  • It enables collaboration between multiple practices and clinics.
  • All updates and customisaton is done remotely by the developers.
  • The system is able to traverse international boundaries opening the door for international collaboration.

The system is also conducive to:

  • Stats analysis.
  • Clinical trials.
  • National Health Insurance.
  • Performance based reimbursement.
  • Wellness programs.
  • Excellent promotive and preventive primary healthcare.

Thanks to the eHealth team for a great system!

– General Practitioner, Port Elizabeth, South Africa


Having been on cruise control with paper record keeping for 30 years plus, I have found the change to Tajemo eHealth very rewarding.

The software design is clinician centred ,viz everything flows with the nurses and doctors documentation approach.

It is as easy to enter and find information as a well organised paper chart. Modifying the program for a particular physician need can be done on the fly.

Links receptionist ,nurse, doctor and administrator seamlessly . Very time efficient with all patient information and links in one window. Generates a professional referral letter ,patient summary, prescription or billing at a click.

Very cost effective as charges are only for setup and support. It has improved my patient care and reduced my practice risk. I look forward to using it as research tool,as the software is very research friendly.

This eHealth program can certainly keep us, the primary physician, in the driving seat as we all embrace a future of managed health care.

I recommend you explore their website to appreciate more of their clinician centred design.

The program was recommended to me from abroad .

– General Practioner, East London, South Africa