Great value EHR technology platform for your medical practice

Customised and designed on the OpenEMR Platform by a family medical practitioner, specialist physician and our development team, TajEmo eHealth solutions focuses its efforts on independent practices and small clinics, and is constantly reviewed and updated by a team of doctors and customer feedback. TajEmo eHealth is a certified member of the OpenEMR Community.

WHY TajEmo eHealth solutions?

  • TajEmo eHealth is a medical practice software solution for general practitioners, specialists, and allied healthcare professionals.
  • TajEmo will customise and design templates to cater for the unique needs of your practice.
  • Our software is compatible to integrate with other practice IT solutions.
  • Enjoy ease of access, staying connected and working from anywhere with cloud-based technology.
  • Get the highest level of reliability, support, and data security.
  • TajEmo eHealth is a clinician-friendly product which is simple to navigate and time efficient.