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A unified workflow designed to integrate all roles of your practice



Manage your patient records with ease. The dashboard allows for quick access to patient profiles from any browser.

  • CLINICAL NOTES - Update and manage patient notes with ease
  • REPORTS such as pathology, radiology or specialist reports can be uploaded electronically, and managed effortlessly.
  • REFERRAL LETTERS, SICK NOTES AND PRESCRIPTIONS are issued safely, whilst maintaining records of all activities. These documents may be automatically populated with patient demographic information for increased efficiency.
  • REPORTING AND ANALYTICS allows for extraction of selected data and data analysis.


PRACTICE MANAGEMENT - Front office management & Practice administration support

Engage with patients using various easy-to-use and time-saving features

  • SCHEDULE MANAGEMENT, PATIENT TRACKING AND APPOINTMENT REMINDERS are some of the front office tools for managing patients.
  • BILLING – integrate your billing module with the TajEmo eHealth software to allow for payment processing, statement generation, and revenue cycle management services including billing reports on the same platform.

Key product features

Cloud-based technology
  • Work from anywhere and increases the practice productivity
  • Data is secured through end-to-end encryption, this includes daily backup data
  • TajEmo eHealth is a low-cost product, and there is no long-term contract commitment, just a minimum term of 6 months
  • The software is impressively user-friendly
Compatibility and integrated software
  • Integration with other practice IT solutions ensures streamlined clinical and administrative use
Unified workflow
  • All of our EHR technologies, along with our billing and patient engagement solutions work harmoniously together.
  • TajEmo eHealth is designed to fit in with your current workflow and is completely customisable
  • Processes and dashboards are automated to reduce labour intensity and improve information accuracy
Implementation & training
  • Our team will set up a link to TajEmo eHealth from a single or multiple locations within 2 days
  • Our team will provide easy access and training to the TajEmo eHealth application after signing up
  • Should your organisation wish to host at a facility of your choice, we will assist in implementation
  • Our team will maintain all hardware, coding, upgrading and backup services
  • A skilled technical agent will provide timely support to clients.
  • Online support is available 6 days a week from 8 am – 4 pm (SAST)